The 2018
Surfing Your Edge

 Have you noticed, retreats don't work?

By the end of your first Monday back in your real life, all the epiphanies, plans, and energy you felt while on retreat have evaporated.


You're back to treading water...and that life-changing event you just experienced hasn't actually changed anything...


If you're tired of letting your hard-earned transformations slip away...

and you're ready to live a bigger, bolder life every day...


then I created the

2018 Surfing Your Edge Experience

just for you!

2018 Surfing Your Edge Experience
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After wrestling with the problem myself for 20 years… 


I finally have a handle on what it takes to

make a potentially life-changing experience

into an experience that truly changes your life,

in a lasting and meaningful way!

Surf and Whale & Dolphin Nature Immersion Retreat:

September 23-29, 2018

Santa Catalina and Panama City, Panama

Transformational Coaching Program:

From the day your application is accepted through December, 2018

The 2018
Surfing Your Edge Experience
Blue Hummingbird

Truly Transformative Travel

You've never seen anything like this…

the 2018 Surfing Your Edge Experience is an amazing tropical adventure wrapped in a retreat and cocooned in a 6-month coaching program to help catalyze and then integrate your unique transformation—so its momentum propels you forward in every area of your life long after the retreat is over...  


This is BIG...


Not only am I inviting you to learn to surf, I’m inviting you to learn to surf in a foreign country you may not have considered visiting before. I’m inviting you to spend time in airplanes, buses, and on boats. I’m inviting you to immerse yourself in nature, in the rainforest, in the ocean, on a remote island. I’m inviting you to do all of these things with people you do not yet know. And I’m inviting you to be flexible, open, and adventurous enough to be present for whatever happens. 


Any of those things, by themselves, may be outside your current comfort zone. And together, taken as a whole, that’s already a lot.


But on top of that, I’m also inviting you to fully immerse yourself in this experience––and then bring it home in a way that will inform the way you live the rest of your life.

This IS a dream vacation, but it’s so much more than that: this is an invitation to live a bigger, more adventurous life. This is an invitation to practice and inhabit a new way of being, a new way of thinking, a new way of experiencing the world you live in. This is an invitation to live the life you’ve always wanted to live. This is an invitation to live the dreams you came to this planet to live. 


Accept my invitation. Let's face our fears, try new things, make mistakes, laugh at ourselves, and step into this new way of being, together!