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Meet Your

Surfing Your Edge


Hi, I'm Kristine Goad.

I am a personal transformation coach and adventure retreat leader.


I found my way here through a great deal of trial-and-error and personal exploration, because I get bored easily and don’t fit into most of the standard boxes current society provides. As a result, I’ve made a life out of reinventing myself, asking questions and following where they lead, and doing the thing that scares me most at any given time. 


I am at my best when I’m in over my head and having to figure out what comes next, which is why I am usually in the middle of doing something I don’t yet know how to do. 


I call that surfing my edge. 


Along the way, I’ve written and published a book; led a fundraising team for a national environmental organization; written for magazines, newspapers, and websites; participated in the largest cross-country bicycle event in U.S. history; competed in what was at the time the largest sprint-distance triathlon event in world history; served on the boards of an Audubon chapter and an artists’ cooperative; trained teens to be literacy counselors for at-risk elementary students; taught learning skills to college students; facilitated creativity classes for children; and taught poetry and journaling workshops for adults.  I’ve been a visiting artist at the North Carolina Zoo, a virtual assistant for solopreneurs and artists, and a beach and forest ranger for the city of Edmonds, Washington—an experience that still holds a special place in my heart.

All of which led to me founding the Big, Bold, Begin It Project in 2015 to help people get their dreams out of their heads and into the world and the Surfing Your Edge Experience in 2018 to help other women expand their comfort zones, re-envision who they are and what is possible for them, and surf their own edges in whatever parts of their lives they choose. 


See what I mean about continual reinvention?

My Challenges

I spent decades trying to figure out where I fit in the professional world. Should I put my cognition and psychology background to use in some way? Or be a writer or editor, and if so, in what specialty? Or maybe an environmental activist or educator? Or a restoration ecologist? Or maybe I should just be happy with any job that paid the bills and do what I loved on the side? I wanted to be everything all at once, but found myself only able to use a small portion of my skills and knowledge in any particular job. 


When I was 29 years old, I joined the GTE Big Ride Across America benefitting the American Lung Association. It was a 48-day cross-country bicycle event from Seattle, Washington to Washington, DC to raise awareness of lung disease. I was completely out of my depth as an overweight, asthmatic, novice cyclist, but I signed up because I thought that somewhere in Wyoming or Minnesota or Indiana my mind would get quiet enough that I would hear the Universe whisper its plan for me in my ear. You wouldn’t believe the amount of sadness and anger I felt when I got to the finish line of that ride and had no more clue about what I should be doing with my life than I had at the start.


I was in my late 30’s before I finally recognized myself in Barbara Sher’s book, Refuse to Choose: Use All of Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams


It was a huge relief to finally know I was not alone in my need to bring all of myself to my work or in my frustration that the working world was not set up for someone like me, but it opened a whole new set of questions and frustrations. I slowly realized that if I were going to have my dream job, I was going to have to create it. 


My challenge shifted from figuring out which box I fit into to figuring out what I had to offer the world, how to combine all of my interests and talents, and how to construct a business that would support a sustainable, healthy, happy lifestyle. 


What I haven’t mentioned yet is, on top of everything else, I’m a perfectionist. So, in an effort to create the absolute perfect plan and not make any mistakes in executing it, I spent the next ten years thinking, reading, watching online webinars, and taking courses trying to figure out how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. And guess where I got? 




I learned a lot, but I didn’t implement any of it. I made deadlines for starting a business, but they passed without me following through, and I would make new deadlines. I got to a point where I doubted my ability to honor any promise I made to myself, and I signed up for 100-mile bike rides and sprint triathlons just to manufacture “wins” for myself. 


It was agonizing!


It wasn’t until my husband changed jobs and we moved from North Carolina to Virginia in 2015 that I finally got up the courage to embrace the idea that “a path is made by walking” and start my Big, Bold, Begin It Project coaching business. The deaths of three friends, all under the age of 50, in a single year reinforced my conviction that it was imperative that I help people live the dreams they came to this planet to live.


And, it wasn’t until 2018, twenty years after the end of the Big Ride, that I realized that creating the Surfing Your Edge Experience was the thing I had been inching toward ever since that ride’s conclusion. It was a thrilling realization and creation process, but also terrifying! I chose learning to surf as the retreat’s focus because it was the thing that scared me most, but I also was terrified of putting together a program that was the culmination of so many years of preparation and dreaming only to risk its' failure. 

Why This Makes Me a Great Coach

I've been where you are. 

  • If you've lost touch with who you are,

  • if you feel called to greater things and are tired of playing small,

  • if you have no idea what your purpose on this planet is,

  • if you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated,

  • if you have no idea where to start to make the changes you want to make,

  • if you are convinced there should be more to life but you can't even see the possibilities, 

I promise I have been there, done that, and have the extra pounds to prove it. I can relate to what you're going through and I know how painful it can be. And, because I've been there, I have learned the ways to turn those situations around, get in touch with your authentic self, and start loving life again.

I am awesome at being scared! One of the best ways I know to judge whether I'm in the right place or not is if I'm scared. Mind you, I don't do things without lots of preparation (and overthinking and worrying!), but I am very good at doing the thing that excites and scares me in a healthy way. I can help you be awesome at being scared, too.

I am a master of reinvention. I help you identify unmet needs and desires, learn to see opportunities for growth in unexpected places, and navigate the emotional roller coaster that inevitably accompanies adopting a new identity.

My superpower is figuring out how to do things. I see all the steps necessary to get from where you are to where you want to go—even if I don’t know how to accomplish some of those steps in the beginning—and I'm able to keep both the big picture and all the small pieces in my head at once. 

This has been very useful in helping my past employers and now my coaching clients manifest dream projects and lifestyles. Because I can see the path and hold all the pieces for you, you avoid overwhelm and focus only on the right work at the right time.

I ask potent questions. I cut through the fog and help you get in touch with what's most meaningful to you, as well as open to possibilities you may not have been able to see before. I also help you see what's holding you back and take steps to move beyond your current limitations. This means you get where you want to goor even where you never dreamed it was possible for you to gomuch faster, and with more ease and joy.

I listen deeply and help you shape more effective stories, thoughts, and habits. Your thoughts create your reality. Brain science suggests that as many as 95% of your daily thoughts are automatic, meaning you have thought them before, probably many, many times before. I help you identify the thoughts and stories that are causing you to feel bad and stay stuck, and replace them with conscious ones that support you in creating the life you'll love.

Why I'm Here

I am here to help you reconnect with your true self, your true reasons for being, and your interconnectedness with all life on this planet.

I am here to help you live your biggest, boldest, most audacious dreams––no matter what age you are or how limited you currently feel. If the dream is yours, there’s a reason it belongs to you, and I can help you feel your way along the path toward bringing it to life.

I am here to help you fall in love with life and live in wonder––every day!

What It's Like to Work With Me

The 2018 Surfing Your Edge Experience retreat in Panama was amazingly magnificent, marvelous, perfect! It wasn't so much what we did, it was how I felt. Once I got there, I felt like I could do anything! It was a feeling of perfect freedom.


When I saw Kristine’s post about the program, I didn't think I could go because I didn’t have a passport, didn’t think I could leave my teenage son, and had no idea where I would find the money, but I was interested because I was ready to live my life again. Turns out, I was able to expedite my passport application—it arrived in only a few days!—and as soon as I committed to the program, the money to pay for it started appearing like magic! It was amazing! Somehow everything lined up and changed my life!


After we returned home from the retreat, I had a sense that 'everything's going to be okay. I can actually live my life, because I just proved to myself I can.' In the months since, I have actually taken action toward creating a new life and I’m starting to see a vision for my future emerging. 


I can’t recommend this enough for anyone that feels stuck, like they are in a hamster wheel, wants to make a change, wants more out of life while they are still living it, or just wants an amazing, exciting, renewing, relaxing adventure!!


I can’t wait to go back again in 2019—I know it’s going to be even better!

 ~ Traci Tobias, Mom, Master Manifestor, Burgeoning

           Surf Goddess

I wouldn't want to go back to the day before the Big, Bold, Begin It! Project started in any way! I'm happier now. I'm a better man. I used to be concerned with the problems in my life and now I see myself surrounded by delights. It's as if I'm suddenly a 46-year-old happy man [Richard was 76 when he said this!]. This program helped me gain perspective. 


Oh, and I probably wouldn't have finished the 20 sculptures and 3 paintings, lost 32 pounds, or organized my studio, office, garage, and shed in the last 6 months if it hadn't been for this program. 


I wish I'd found Kristine and The Big, Bold, Begin It! Project years ago!

~ Richard Knox, Artist; Professor Emeritus, Edinboro

        University of Pennsylvania


Dore Peak Gruener


The Big, Bold, Begin It! Project exceeded my expectations! I signed up for this project to get motivated and have more self esteem. Kristine gave me the motivation to go out and do freelance architectural work I had not done in a long time. It showed me that I can still do it. So she built up my self confidence as well. I just want to thank her for her time and effort and concern. She truly has a heart of gold.


Keith Hall

Executive Director,Tuned In

I was honored that Kristine asked me to be a part of this first run. I needed accountability for a project I just couldn't quite seem to start! Kristine provided the accountability that I sorely needed!  She has also made me feel like I had someone in my corner that I could call on for support, honest feedback and help with the next steps.  She challenged me and is also a GREAT listener and is full of compassion!  I also got some new ways to think creatively and learned a lot about myself. I am super excited to see how the Big, Bold, Begin It! Project grows. This has great value. Anyone with a dream or an idea could benefit!


Much love and appreciation!


Katie Gaddis

Data Analyst

I needed the support of a group, to know that I was not alone in my creative endeavors nor alone in the struggle one faces in the midst of change. I was trying to overcome stage fright mainly and worked on some routines during the course of the project. I was able to dance in a few routines, work vocally with a group and singly on a song. I think anyone could benefit if they have a project in mind that has foundered or taken a backseat to other priorities. Kristine did a great job coordinating all the various group members and advising in steps that made sense.

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